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We are family owned business based around New York, JFK Airport; our core business is to provide support services to companies that do not have their own office or favorable agent in New York or USA. ESTABLISHED IN 2003 AFTER THE MANAGEMENT HAD WORKED FOR AIRLINE / GSA AND GHA / CHARTER COMPANY. AIRMAX INTERNATIONAL provide an exceptional service from start to finish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Holidays. WE ARE KNOWN FOR OUR PERSONAILZED AND OUT OF THE BOX SERVICE AND SOLUTIONS. OUR MISSION IS TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO FOR YOUR COMPANY AND ALSO HAVE STAFF WHO FEEL PART OF OUR FAMILY TOO. A FEW OF THE Specialties: * Handling of BioPharm Shipments * Mail, Courier, Cargo Shipments * Unknown and Known Shipments * Warehouse Handling / ECOMMERCE SHIPMENTS * Customs Clearance * Local, Domestic USA Pick Up & Deliveries* OUR OWN VEHICLES* 24 Hours, 365 Days Operation * Special Drives * HIGH PROFILE SHIPMENTS * Document Preparation & Submission * Packing & Unpacking Service * Use of our Airline Accounts * Air Charter & Exclusive Truck Services * TSA Approved IAC & CCSF* dg certified*

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