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Code of Practice for Members

CONNECTA and its entire membership are firmly dedicated to maintaining the utmost levels of excellence in conducting their shared affairs and business transactions. Our members are bound together by a common set of network standards and values, promoting a collaborative and ethical environment.

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Members must communicate efficiently and promptly with their fellow Members, emphasizing fast and quality-valued communication.


The Members Directory and contact details are protected by privacy regulations.


Immediate reporting of reliability or financial issues between Members is required.


Members are encouraged to initiate and maintain contacts with other Members, promoting trustworthy business relationships and seeking new opportunities.


Payment between Members should not exceed 30 days by the end of the monthly statement, and alternative terms must be agreed upon beforehand.


Members are expected to attend our annual meeting each year to further enhance collaboration and cooperation within the network.


Mutual agreement determines sales and profit share fees.


Members are required to provide appropriate feedback on significant inquiries, such as general rate inquiries, specific project inquiries, and tenders.

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