ANGELFREIGHT (Germany) handles a shipment of Plutonium samples for the NMCC in Japan

ANGELFREIGHT, your CONNECTA partner in Germany, has recently handled a shipment of Plutonium (UN2915, Cl. 7) from LEJ, Leipzig – Germany, to NRT, Narita – Japan.


The shipment consisted in 0,38 kg net/3 kg gross of Plutonium samples for the Nuclear Material Control Center (NMCC) in Japan. ANGELFREIGHT followed the procedures designed to ensure the protection of the public and the environment, as per the Interantaional Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) advisory regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material.

Plutonium is transported as an oxide powder since this is its most stable form, within a sealed package criticaly designed with integrated shielding, certified and labelled in accordance with the requirements of the national and international regulations.

The ANGELFREIGHT staff involved in the transport of radioactive materials are trained to take appropiate precautions and to respond in case of an emergency.

Pls. visit for more information.

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