AZA LOGISTICS (Spain) has jumped with enthusiasm into the Air Freight world

AZA LOGISTICS, your CONNECTA partner from Spain, aims to become the main IATA provider in Valencia Region.
They are enjoying and pushing hardly on this task with their new Air Freight and Sales Departments, they are putting lots of enthusiasm and passion on it.




The Valencian region, located at the heart of the western Mediterranean arch and boasting the closest commercial port to the Suez-Gibraltar axis of the large interoceanic shipping lines, finds itself in a strategic location enabling it to transform itself into the principal logistics platform in the Mediterranean. Near the Port is located the Valencia Air Freight Facility in the Valencia Airport consisting of an intermodal logistics platform, designed according to the requirements of the most important logistics operators. The Valencia airport integrates air freight with other types of transport thanks to the extensive network of connections and facilitates shorter delivery times and lower costs for the logistics chain thanks to the proximity of all the agents participating in it. The Valencia Region has excellent road and rail connections to the centre of Spain, with ideal connection to Madrid International Airport, and an essential platform for the entire Iberian Peninsula.


Counting on their CONNECTA partners AZA LOGISTICS is now able to reach many countries that seemed unreachable before. Since January 2016  they are providing air freight service to several forwarders and final customers in our region.
The Company Sales policy is based on 3 O´BASIS, which are simple and effective for customers and partners:

  • OPTIMAL AIR-LINE. Solution ad hoc.
  • OPTIMAL REFERENCE. Feedback and improvement.

AZA LOGISTICS invites to all CONNECTA members to get in touch for any kind of collaboration. Their modern and huge warehouses are also available for your operations in Valencia Region.

Pls. visit for more information



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