BAXTER FREIGHT (United Kingdom) launches comprehensive recruitment and Solutions Architects strategy for 2024 growth

Nottingham-based logistics provider BAXTER FREIGHT, your Connecta partner in United Kingdom, is launching an ambitious recruitment campaign to increase its account management team by 40% in 2024. Celebrating its 10th year in operation, Baxter Freight aims to strengthen customer relationships and address evolving challenges in the logistics industry.

In response to the complexities arising from Brexit and other economic factors, BAXTER FREIGHT has redefined its approach to hiring sales professionals. The focus is on cultivating long-term partnerships with clients, a strategy they’ve named Solutions Architects.

HR director, Lorraine Sutcliffe said, “As a Solutions Architect, we encourage account managers to know their customers’ supply chains inside out so they can provide businesses with solutions that relieve the challenges they are facing and offer improved efficiencies.

In terms of attracting the right people, our recruitment campaign invites individuals to go on a career journey with us. It’s about growing their skills and investing in their career progression with a clear structure, training, and excellent earning potential.

Our core values of resilience, authenticity, creativity, and collaboration mean that our team can take ownership and make their mark in a busy and evolving industry, where no two days are ever the same.”

As part of its growth strategy, BAXTER FREIGHT plans to onboard 16 new account managers in 2024, aiming for a total workforce of 155 employees by year-end and projecting a turnover of £40 million. BAXTER FREIGHT‘s Nottingham office serves as a dynamic hub where the team collaborates with local and global clients, utilizing various transportation modes to deliver goods worldwide.

For those interested in joining BAXTER FREIGHT and exploring career opportunities, further details can be found at CAREERS.

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