COLLEGAMONDO (Italy) domestic traffic leader for general and special cargo

Collegamondo was founded in 1994 as an Agency specialized in the logistics and express services sectors and in 1997 took the IATA Agent certification (IATA code 3847627-0011).
Its aim is to become a leading company in the field of express courier, logistics and dispatch in general. It is currently at 2° place for domestic traffic for both general and special cargo such as live animals, radioactive material, biological substances etc.

Collegamondo plans all the steps of a logistic process together with its customers, choosing the right procedure depending on strategic factors such as market, transfer time management, etc. The whole process is monitored in all its steps, thanks to a company policy based on the rationalization of technologic, economic and human resources.

COLLEGAMONDO (Italy) domestic traffic leader for general and special cargo

The company’s management has a 25 years experience in airports field and has been able to create a tight national network which provides specialized services for the most important carriers.

Group Certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • D.M. 24 June 2007 for Radioactive material transport
  • Vision 2000

The company understood the importance of locating branches in each region where the cargo business is produced and forwarded, creating a comprehensive net of offices working in continuous contact, monitoring the most important traffics and offering integrated solutions to the Customers.

Thanks to the widespread presence throughout the Italian territory, the Collegamondo Network  can offer a highly professional service. Progressively Collegamondo opened its own offices in:

  • MILAN MALPENSACollegamondo offices
  • PISA
  • BARI

Thanks to a wide range of services and a dense network of vehicles and connections, to the widespread presence in the Italian territory with 13 branches and strategic partners, it is able to provide assistance during all phases of logistics, including below services:

  • Cargo Service
  • Express Courier
  • Controlled Temperature Shipping
  • Shipping and International Transport
  • Collection Delivery and Warehousing Service Management
  • Satellite Anti-theft Control
  • Customs Operations
  • International Moving
  • All Cargo Flights Shipping Operations Management
  • National and International Air Shipping of Urns and Human Rests
  • Travel Agency

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