CONNECTA Airfreight Network joins forces with CHAMP Forwarding Systems to accelerate e-AWB adoption among small and medium size forwarders

CONNECTA Airfreight Network has recently signed a partnership agreement with CHAMP Forwarding Systems S.A., a subsidiary company of CHAMP Cargosystems. The collaboration will enable CONNECTA’s members to participate in the IATA e-AWB and e-freight initiatives more easily.

Luxembourg, September 2015 – CHAMP Forwarding Systems S.A and CONNECTA have announced today their strategic partnership. CONNECTA’s members will start benefitting from access to the web-based freight forwarding system Logitude, enabling them to manage quotes, shipments, bookings and consolidations more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Commenting on the partnership, Sarah Bidmead, Network Manager at CONNECTA highlights, “This agreement is of significant value to CONNECTA – and more importantly – our members as we will be able to further expand our membership services to them. With Logitude, our members will benefit from an extremely easy-to-use cloud-based platform that not only allows them to run their entire day-to-day forwarding operations, but also enables them to submit e-AWBs and take part in IATA’s global e-freight initiative without major financial or IT commitments.”

CONNECTA members will get access to one of the largest e-AWB networks – Traxon cargoHUB which connects more than 100 airlines. Furthermore, CONNECTA members will have the option to further upgrade their Logitude subscription to enable multiple user or multiple airline connectivity at specially discounted and highly competitive rates.

Nicholas Xenocostas, VP, eCargo Services at CHAMP Forwarding Systems, adds: “We are greatly delighted about this agreement providing instant value to the air freight market and community. CONNECTA’s service offering and our Logitude platform are a perfect match: Not only will small and medium sized forwarding agents enhance their competitiveness, they will also be able to reduce costs, time, and errors and contribute to IATA’s e-AWB targets by easily adopting e-AWBs without the need of expensive and time consuming IT installations. It’s a clear win-win situation to all parties: the small and medium sized forwarders around the world, CONNECTA – in growing and further developing their global forwarding collaboration portal – and all airlines connected to Traxon cargoHUB now and in future – a genuine effort to connect the entire air cargo community and support IATA’s e-freight initiative.”

Background information for editors:

CONNECTA is an Association of Airfreight Specialists that unites the best independent and certified Air Cargo Agents from around the world. They have joined forces to compete against the multinational groups, share resources and attract clients. However, every member maintains its independence and exclusivity.

Logitude is the first true SaaS freight forwarding software solution. It encompasses the latest freight management software for optimal functionality, covering the full freight forwarding lifecycle. The easy-to-use solution consists of several freight forwarder software modules. Logitude’s freight software wizards and personalized workspace enhance efficiency and help to leverage business.

CHAMP Forwarding Systems S.A. is a subsidiary company of CHAMP Cargosystems S.A. It markets the well-proven Logitude Software as a Service (SaaS) platform focused on the small and medium sized forwarder community.

CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air cargo transport chain. The portfolio spans core management systems, messaging services, and eCargo solutions. These include applications to meet customs and security requirements, quality optimization as well as e-freight and mobility needs. The products and services are well known under the Cargospot, Traxon and Logitude brands.

The company serves over 200 airlines and GSAs, and links these with some 3,000 forwarders and GHAs worldwide. CHAMP’s solutions help its customers and their clients adapt to critical and continuous changes in air transport logistics to meet global trade demands.

CHAMP Cargosystems is headquartered in Luxembourg and operates offices in London, Zurich, Frankfurt / Main and Manila.

CHAMP Cargosystems – Connected thinking for the air cargo community.

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