CORDOBA INTERNACIONAL (Argentina) moves a Chimpanzee to primates preservation Institute in Brazil

CORDOBA INTERNACIONAL, your Connecta partner in Argentina, has recently moved “Cecilia”, a Chimpanzee specimen, from Argentina to Brazil.
The animal was transported from Mendoza to Buenos Aires by truck for more than 1000 Km and then airlifted from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo. A special cage had to be built for the security and comfort of “Cecilia” during her trip.

The move is part of a cooperation between an Argentinian Zoo and a primates preservation Institute in Brazil.

“After months of coordination, everything went well and now Cecilia is in a better place thanks also to the people involved in this shipments and our representatives in Mendoza and Buenos Aires” remarks Marcelo Orchansky, General Manager at CORDOBA INTERNATIONAL.

CORDOBA INTERNATIONAL has moved turtles, giraffes, dolphins, and entire circus during their trajectory of more than 35 years. They also handle commercial cargo daily and international moves for corporate accounts such as Coca Cola, Fiat, Iveco, Holcim Renault and diplomats from various Consulates.

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