DSH GLOBAL LOGISTICS (Australia) informs about the new Packing Declaration enforced on the 16th of June 2017

Your CONNECTA partner in Australia DSH GLOBAL LOGISTICS, would like to inform you below about the revised Packing Declaration for all shipment arriving after 16th June 2017.

As you will be aware, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources changed the required wording for packaging material statements from ‘prohibited’ to ‘unacceptable’ to align with terminology under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

An industry notice was published on 18 April 2017 reminding clients that the new wording will be enforced from 16 June 2017. The department conducted a survey of documents lodged to the department between 15 and 22 May to assess the uptake of the new requirement. From the lodgements surveyed, it appears approximately 60% of consignment specific and 40% of annual packing declarations contain the ‘prohibited’ packaging material statement.

While it’s encouraging that many clients have updated their templates, particularly for annual packing declarations, further uptake of the new requirement will reduce delays for individual consignments and ensure processing times are not affected by additional referrals to the department.

Click here to download the new template for your reference.

Please ensure you have your supplier complete the revised Packing Declaration for all shipment arriving after 16th June 2017 and do not hesitate to contact your partners should you require further information.

Visit http://www.dshglobal.com.au/ for more information


DSH Global Logistics



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