EAGLE INTERNATIONAL (UK) and JTM GROUP (Portugal) successfully team up for Engraved Roller transportation

EAGLE INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS, your Connecta partner in the United Kingdom, and JTM GROUP, your Pangea partner in Portugal, are showcasing exceptional teamwork in transporting an engraved roller. This intricate logistical adventure involves about six companies, each playing an important role in ensuring the roller’s safe and prompt delivery.

The roller’s journey began in the UK, where it was manufactured for a customer in Canada. However, the adventure didn’t end there, as it made a unique pit stop in Portugal for engraving before continuing its voyage to Canada. The routing for this extraordinary journey is OPO-FRA-MUC-YUL, with bookings made on the reliable Lufthansa Cargo Service.

Currently on its way to the client’s sister plant customer in Canada, this roller’s voyage exemplifies the capabilities and power of collaboration within Pangea and Connecta Network. The seamless coordination and dedication displayed by all involved parties, especially EAGLE INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS and JTM GROUP, are excellent, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of teamwork in the transportation and delivery industry.

Pls. visit EAGLE INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS and JTM GROUP for more information

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