Excellent members deserve excellent tools: Add your Specialisations to your member profile

Today we are informing you about a new “Specialisations” section that completes your member profile and provides you more information about each partner.

How to add your Specialisations ?

Once logged in the intranet with your username (only available for Connecta Coordinators usernames), go to “My Locations” and “Edit” your company profile to add those specialisations that clearly define your expertise. Or just send us an email indicating your Specialisations from the list below (you can select from 1 to 6).


Aerospace and Defense        Live Animals        Dangerous goods

Aerospace and Defense




Fashion and retail

Healthcare and Pharma

Industrial and Construction

Marine Parts

Oil and gas





Time critical

AOG Desktop

Live Animals

Fairs and Exhibitions

Sports and Events



Hotel Logistics

Dangerous goods

Project Shipments

Break bulk


Heavy Lift





Markets and business evolve and ours is no exception. In a time that many point as a new revolution, we can actually see relevant changes in our industry and companies.

Customers demand full services providers able to offer logistics solutions in whatever means of transport, but more and more adapted to their particular sector. The traditional division of services by transport mode (air, sea, road, rail), seems to have less relevance, while a more detailed portfolio of specialisation brings added value.

In the recent years we have seen how many of you are increasing your scope of services, acquiring your own fleet, warehousing space, and widening your services portfolio. For example, we have also witness how many of you have added e-commerce solutions to your profile.

But not only this, you are also specializating in diverse segments depending on your customers background, including pharma logistics, cold chain, time critical, exhibition logistics, military equipment, etc.

Often members come to us asking if we know from partners specialized in food & beverage transport, or health and medical goods, or textile and apparel … sometimes we know because we have commented this in an annual meeting, or heard about through a news article … but many times we do not know.

For this reason we have updated the general services description in each member profile and added a list of specialisations, where you can select upto a maximum of 6 specialisations, those that really define the fields where you are focusing and have strong experience.

Hope you enjoy sharing a more complete members directory.

At your disposal for any assistance.

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