GLOBAL EXPRESS (Austria) launches Beverage Logistics for 2024

In a strategic move, GLOBAL EXPRESS AUSTRIA, your Connecta partner in Austria, launches Beverage Logistics services in 2024. With a strong care for customer satisfaction, they aim to quickly execute this expansion, focusing on accommodating customer demands efficiently. They have initially set up 1000 sqm new dedicated warehouse area, specially designed for beverage storage.

GLOBAL EXPRESS is already handling non-alcoholic energy drinks, including a new Austrian brand distributed worldwide. Their service destinations include Europe, Asia, and the USA, demonstrating their commitment to global accessibility.

Moreover, GLOBAL EXPRESS has secured the required licenses for clean beverage warehousing, with a firm commitment to compliance and product safety. This project signifies an exciting expansion for GLOBAL EXPRESS, positioning the company to fulfil the needs of a diverse global clientele.

Pls. visit GLOBAL EXPRESS AUSTRIA website for more information.

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