LEO AIR CARGO, Thailand, envisions business expansion and prepares for AEC Programs

Recently, the 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member states, including Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, and Brunei, signed a declaration to establish AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). AEC has been set up to allow free movement of skilled labor, goods, and services.

The establishment of AEC marks another landmark in ASEAN’s economic integration agenda, which will boost foreign direct investment into the economies of ASEAN states and offer opportunities for investment and business expansion. LEO AIR CARGO Co., Ltd., your CONNECTA partner from Thailand, plan to set up a new branch office in their neighboring countries. In this regard, theLEO AIR CARGO staff is attending the AEC program to ensure they can meet the demand and supply targets.

Since the AEC was the third biggest economy in Asia in 2014 and world’s seventh largest, it is to be hoped that a number of new opportunities would be up for grabs in the US$2.6 trillion market, with more than 622 million people.

About LEO AIR CARGO Co., Ltd.

LEO AIR CARGO Co., Ltd. is one of the leading international freight forwarders in Thailand established in 1993. A member of the Thai Freight Forwarders Association, they provide a comprehensive range of cargo delivery services, which include expert handling of all kinds of products. LEO AIR CARGO Co., Ltd. are especially skilled in handling frozen seafood, live fish, live elephant, and fresh cut orchid flowers, besides general cargo by air, road, and ocean.

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