MASENI GROUP (Ecuador) invitation to all Members to participate in their Better Market initiative

Due to the several inconveniences that the industry and the company is facing due to the Pandemic, the war in Europe, the increase of the oil prices and many special circumstances, MASENI GROUP, your Connecta partner in Ecuador, decided to develop with more emphasis an additional line of service they were working with since a few years related with the TRADING service through the brand BETTER MARKET, introducing export products of conscious producers from their country into new markets.

MASENI GROUP target is to increase the commercial relationships with all partner members of the Network, opening as many doors as possible to find potential clients that could be interested in Ecuadorian products for export and handle the logistics together.

MASENI GROUP can offer the necessary guarantee of reliable suppliers and high-quality products for the European or Asian market, etc.: Banana chips, Fruits (pitajaya), vegetables, shrimps, tuna, coffee, cacao, chocolate, etc. are a few of the products they can offer under favorable conditions.

Accept their invitation and contact them for any additional information of their products, catalogue or samples: E-MAIL: [email protected] , or visit:

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