New national highway freight transport vehicles loaded with new standards by KORMAN GROUP (Hong Kong)

Your CONNECTA Partner in Hong Kong, KORMAN GROUP, would like to inform you of the implementation of the new national highway freight transport vehicles loaded with new standards, since September 21st, 2016.

China Sichuan Nanchong news September 23rd (Chen Hui Ren Yingying) reporter recently learned from the Nanchong traffic police detachment, in order to strengthen the management of road traffic safety, prevention and reduction of road traffic accidents, protect people’s lives and property safety, road freight vehicle overloading behavior illegal remediation special action plans in accordance with the general Office of the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security Office jointly formulated “” highway 2016 (assigned by the No. 109: national requirements, from September 21, 2016 onwards, the implementation of national standards “vehicles, trailers and train the external dimensions, axle load and limit value” (GB1589-2016) freight vehicles in loading and standard dimensions, the road freight vehicle to carry out remediation special action illegal overloading behavior.

Freight transport enterprises, the majority of site operators, truck owners, drivers and related personnel abide by highway freight vehicle loading and Transportation Standards: (a) two axle truck, the truck mass not exceeding 18000 kg, while not exceeding the total driving quality certificate marked; (two) three axle trucks, car train, the car the total quality of the goods does not exceed 27000 kg; (three) four axle trucks, car train, the total quality of goods vehicles not exceeding 36000 kg; (four) the five axis car train, the total quality of goods vehicles not exceeding 43000 kg; (five) six axis and six axis to SAIC car train, the total quality of goods vehicles not more than 49000 kg; (six) agricultural vehicles, tractors, low-speed trucks, with the total quality of driving license for the limit standard; (seven) with “cars, trailers and train the external dimensions, axle load and limit value” (GB1589) the provisions of the cold Vehicles, car trains, the installation of air suspension of vehicles, as well as special operating vehicles, not identified as overrun transport vehicles.
(Source: China Sichuan network, Editor: Yang Renchang)

As freight vehicle overloading in domestic road transport become a serious problem in China so far. In the past, local government rarely care about this issue. With an aim to make more profit, many trucking companies transport the heavy cargo with less loading capacity truck. For example, they only use 20 ton load capacity truck to carry 25 ton cargo even more heavier.

Starting from 21/Sept/2016, the China Government authorize the local traffic police to strictly monitor and check all kind of cargo truck on the road, and heavy penalty will be on transportation company’s account, if they transport heavy cargo without using appropriate load capacity truck. This will push trucking company to upgrade their truck, in order to obey the traffic rule.

This makes suppliers and trucking companies feel worry, because they get used to transport heavy cargo with improper truck. Some of them might be incapable to transport heavy cargo if they do not have heavy truck. It will not affect those who always comply with rule using heavy truck to carry heavy cargo.

As a result, this must increase the cost of transportation in China as those trucking companies have no other alternatives but have to comply with this Government road traffic safety requirement.

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