PW GROUP (South Korea) offers expanded freight services and a customer-centric approach

PW GROUP, your new Connecta partner in South Korea, leverages extensive experience and expertise, providing maritime and air transportation, specialized cargo transport, bulk cargo solutions, and factory installation, making them your trusted logistics partner.

Additionally, they’re expanding into distribution, investment, and energy imports, exemplifying their forward-thinking approach.

With a dedication to “realizing customer value”, PW GROUP offers comprehensive logistics services, including air and sea transportation, project logistics, warehousing, 3PL, logistics consulting, and integrated transportation.

Supported by a dedicated team of industry experts, PW GROUP ensures secure and efficient cargo transportation. Their expansion includes ventures like shoe distribution for brands like Adidas and Converse, as well as purchasing agency and procurement services, showcasing their diversified business approach.

Pls. visit PW GROUP website for more information.

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