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Established three decades ago in Karachi, Pakistan, SKY CARGO, your CONNECTA Partner in Pakistan, handles all sort of perishable shipments, including fruits, vegetables, sea food, etc. Mango is the backbone of local freight forwarders, shippers and airlines, about 150-200 tons of mango are shipped on a daily basis, with airlines running special Freighter flights to meet the ever-rising demand of Mango from European countries.

Mango period will run for two or three months, and the boom season will begin in the first week of June with the SINDHRI variety, which is the major crop from the Province of Sindh. CHUNSA is another mango variety, widely popular across the globe, with Pakistan being its major exporter to London, Manchester, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Paris.

For the past two years, Mango has started to be exported to Canada and U.S.A. Pakistan also exports CHUNSA to Middle East, especially Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam.

SKY CARGO also exports LIVE CRABS from local breeding farms, with the major export heading to Shanghai, Beijing, Peking, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Sea shells and live lobsters are some of the other sea food products exported from the country on a daily basis in bulk amounts – nearly as much as 10-15 tons.

Below is a resume of main Pakistani fruits and vegetables exports worldwide.

MANGO (Season: Mid May – August)

Pakistani Mango is one of the most delicious fruits in the world, which is exported in large quantities to the Middle East, the USA, and Europe by air. Pakistan exports mango by sea to the Gulf in refrigerated containers.

In Pakistani fruit markets, mango is referred to as “Baadshah” or the king of all fruits. The mango varieties grown in Pakistan have a delicious, mouthwatering flavor, with a rich aroma. The fruit flesh of a ripe mango is rich in vitamins and natural sugar – as much as 15% sugar and 1% protein. Mango contains significant amounts of vitamins A, B, and C.

As the third largest producer of mangoes, Pakistan produces 5.86 percent world’s mangoes, with the export of rich varieties of the fruit resulting in substantial foreign exchange earnings.

With the demand of mango expected to rise by almost 50 percent in the coming days, plans are afoot to expand the export of this delicious fruit to Japan, Germany, China, and Hong Kong.

KINNO (Mandarin) (Season: Mid November – April)

Pakistan is the largest producer of ‘Citrus Reticula’ variety (Kinno), accounting for 95 percent of the total kinno production in the world. Grown under complete natural conditions and sun-ripened on trees, this unique variety of citrus is indigenous to this part of the world.

Europe and the Middle East are the main export markets of Pakistani kinnow.

FRESH ONION (Season: see below for each variety)

Pakistan is one of the leading producers of onion, annually producing about 1.5 million tons. The production of onion in the country has been increasing during the past 6 years. Select onion varieties grown in the Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan regions during different seasons are exported around the world.


Sindh, November to May
Balochistan, August to October
Punjab-June and July
Other leading exports include fresh potato.


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