The 2023 Members’ Picks: Our favourite stories of the year

The 2023 Members’ Picks are here!! We have meticulously selected our favorite stories of the year, shared by all of our members. Our selection process was comprehensive, considering various factors, including members’ stories of collaboration, remarkable achievements, and operations that showcase your expertise and professionalism. We also considered instances of business expansion through new launches and openings, as well as partner announcements receiving industry accreditations and awards, participation at international exhibitions and environmental initiatives.

2023 MEMBER'S PICKS: Our favourite stories of the year

Members’ cooperation are always our best-loved news items

It is truly remarkable to witness members from distant locations come together to provide mutual support. They collaborate not only in identifying the most suitable freight solutions for each operation but also in executing them meticulously. One example of this collaboration is the successful transportation of regular shipments of Alfalfa by Clarion (UAE) and WTO (Romania), ensuring both security and timeliness (read more). Similarly, Power Cargo (Saudi Arabia) and Aircargo Trucking and Handling (Germany) have effectively transported 24 tonnes of Absorbent Granules from Frankfurt to Jeddah, prioritizing safety (read more). Additionally, DCS DAH Star Logistics (China) and AKTIS (Greece) have shipped 500 big bags of PET resin with a total weight of 555,000 KGS. (read more).

In a significant effort to build collaborations, members are working together to strengthen and expand their commercial partnerships and to strategize on delivering exceptional quality service, which defines their businesses. With a shared vision of enhancing security and care, this approach is considered the best strategy for developing new connections and lasting partnerships. Discover how CLP (Peru) and HTL (India, Sri Lanka) strengthen and extend their commercial ties (read more), and learn about CLP (Peru) celebrating 17 years with special gratitude to its PANCO partners (read more).

Members expand their specialised freight services

In an ever-changing and demanding market, members consistently demonstrate their ability to handle challenging logistics tasks, taking full responsibility, prioritizing cargo security, and ensuring timely delivery. A significant example of this is how PROFOUND LOGISTICS (Pakistan) has become a key logistics partner for a construction manufacturer (read more). Additionally, OTIM (Italy) successfully delivered three helicopters to Shenzen, China (read more), and OGA (Oman) overcame significant height challenges by dispatching 64 MAN Trucks to Sohar Port (read more). Agility, and customization distinguish WEL (Malta) as an extraordinary service provider, which overcame a challenging shipment of four 2500kg hydraulic cylinders (read more), and 1UP CARGO (New Zealand), excelling in navigating multifaceted shipments with excellence (read more).

Transporting overweight and challenging cargo requires precision, expertise, and innovation, as demonstrated in success stories achieved by Miremar (Uruguay) which transported OOG cargo with 40 flat racks (read more), and Clarion (Singapore) which executed challenging OOG and break-bulk shipments to Jebel Ali, Sohar, and Qatar (read more). Furthermore, Logisturk (Türkiye) moved a 10-ton hospital container module as a breakbulk shipment (read more), and handled a sport yacht shipment to South Europe (read more). TARPTAUTINES LOGISTIKOS CENTRAS (Lithuania) managed the oversized transport of a massive tree forklift from America (read more). ORIGIN LOGISTICS (Türkiye) shipped 200 tones of transformers and accessories to the UAE (read more), while LYNXGISTICS (Myanmar) also transported a transformer unit through 465 challenging KM (read more).

Moreover, JKK INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT (UAE) expertly managed artwork for the Middle East’s biggest art show (read more). Furthermore, ROTTERDAM OVERSEAS NETWORK (Thailand) has made significant advancements in enhancing reefer and temperature-sensitive cargo services (read more), while HAKTRANS (UAE) contributed to an aviation world record with an aircraft shipment (read more).

Accreditations and Awards Recognizing Members Excellence

Many of our members have received recognition from various industry entities for their unwavering dedication, commitment, and excellence throughout the year. These acknowledgments come in the form of distinguished awards, certificates, and recognition. Outstanding achievements include BRX Cargo (Brazil) achieving the ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Certification (read more), IMPOEX (Ecuador) receiving the BASC Certification for Secure Trade Practices (read more) and Rutair International Forwarders S.L. (Spain) obtaining the Authorized Economic Operator AEO status (read more)

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Geocargo (Portugal) for securing certification as one of Portugal’s best SMEs for the second consecutive year (read more). Additionally, SHIFTCO Shipping (India) proudly wins the ‘End-To-End Logistics Solution Provider of the Year’ Award (read more) and Eagle International Logistics (United Kingdom) wins the Business of the Year 2023 at the Chamber Business Awards (read more).

Non stop members launchings, openings and developments!

PANCO group members are dedicated to providing excellent services, utilizing the latest technology and their expertise to assist their customers and partners. They continually seek innovative ways to support success, ensure their services meet customer needs, and consistently add value throughout the process. To further improve the service and attention provided by PROLINAIR (France), they have expanded their overseas presence by opening new offices in Canada, China, and Thailand (read more). Similarly, CTC Logistics (Dominican Republic, Panama) has strategically expanded its services in Panama (read more).

ONEflow Logistics Group (Germany) introduced “All Around Express Solutions,” their new brand designed to revolutionize CEP (Courier, Express, Parcel) shipments (read more). In addition to this exciting development, Prompt Brazil Logistics (Brazil) is also launching a new initiative called “BRING BRAZIL” to facilitate Brazilian Agribusiness Trading (read more).

In a significant move towards providing enhanced and efficient logistics solutions, Ocean Gulf Agencies Llc (Oman) proudly announces the launch of a new vessel operations service connecting Oman with Asia and the Indian Subcontinent (ISC) (read more). POL-MARE (Poland) continues to expand its transport capabilities (read more), and TOPLINE EXPRESS LOGISTICS (China) implements innovative packaging solutions to optimize logistics costs (read more).

Meanwhile, FJT Logistics (New Zealand) has strategically established a new office and warehouse facility in the Airport precinct, positioning itself strategically to take advantage of the proximity to motorway connections (read more). IN TIME (United Kingdom) has also relocated its Manchester branch office to an opulent area in the heart of Manchester, enhancing its accessibility and presence (read more). Lastly, in line with Atlas Shipping’s (India) unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, they have relocated their Ahmedabad office from its current location to a new facility (read more).

Transforming Logistics for a Greener Tomorrow

In today’s world, marked by growing environmental concerns, the logistics industry is on a transformative journey aimed at creating a greener tomorrow. An excellent example of this effort is the new recycling service offered by ASF (Belgium), which has unveiled its latest top-tier solution dedicated to de-fitting flexibags from containers (read more), and GLOBEX LOGISTICS (Brazil) has taken a significant stride towards a greener future by embracing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles (read more).

Growing participation at International Exhibitions and Fairs

Members are increasingly engaging and participating in international exhibitions and fairs, which signifies a dynamic global landscape of networking, innovation, and collaboration. At the CILF Shenzhen 2023, CENTRAL CONTINENT (Malaysia) stood out with their own stand, attracting significant attention (read more). Also, MARINAIR CARGO SERVICES (Greece) participated in the Logistics Supply Chain International Expo (read more), and ROGERS ASIA (Thailand) also exhibited at ILOG & LOGISTIX 2023 (read more). PORTEX LOGISTICS (Netherlands) made a remarkable return to Mosselen aan de Maas 2023 (read more), further highlighting our members’ commitment to these global events.

Share your stories with us

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