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The network’s potential is due to the high quality of its Members. Members have access to the intranet and mobile app directory, including all key contact details that are updated on a regular basis.

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Networking Technology

In the current technological era it is a must to develop and implement advanced tools and functions to make the most of Members networking experience. Our features impact on the core of networking: communications, sales, protection, marketing, operations, etc.

  • Shipment Monitoring Online tool to monitor your Air, FCL, LCL, Truck shipments, in order to maximize the volumes moved and minimize financial exposure.

  • Payment Monitoring Automatic following up of payments between Members.
    Save time and assure fast payments.

  • Messaging Centre Tailor made functionality to facilitate communications in private and secure circles for contacts, leads, tenders, quote requests, shipment follow up, pre and postmeeting contacts, etc.

Networking Technology

Routing incentives to promote Member-to-Member business

Receive 25 dollars every time that you make a shipment through Connecta.

Routing incentives to promote Member-to-Member business

The routing incentives have proved to promote cooperation and business relationships at a very high level. This is really important during Members’ early membership. It is a great success to see how initial cooperation turns to reciprocal and regular business

Sarah Bidmead

Network Manager

Corporate Marketing and Promotion

More internal and external marketing and visibility for each Member

Corporate Marketing and Promotion

Simplifying Members’ Protection

Trust is a key element for long-term business relation between members of the CONNECTA freight forwarding network. We have a number of protective measures in place that ensure cooperation among freight association members is fully covered.

Member protection infographic
Strict membership

Evaluation of several criteria, such as Turnover, year of establishment, credit risk assessment, payment references, Accreditation, business trajectory, etc.

Invoices & Payments monitoring

Avoid financial exposure, late payments and smooth cash-flows

GFP, Good Financial Practices

Members agree on a series of best practices following the most extended international trading criteria and rules

$45,000 Protection fund

Secure your invoices and payments from insolvency, bankruptcy or bad debts. This is an optional service

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