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Company Inroduction

Egress has always been a leader in the transport service field in Egypt, the company has always stridden and will continue to stride to offer high quality, added value service to its customers competing the larg number of Logistices service provider in Egypt.

“High Quality Service“ means that we must give our customers the service they need within the required time frame. That includes our method in responding to customers, in giving them proper guidance and correct information as well as managing efficently the workflow within the company.

We always bear in mind that the service of today will not necessarily be suitable for tomorrow.

Therefore everyone at Egress is committed to continue providing “ High Quality Service “.
In order to maintain and improve the quality system, top management promote and support the following principles: 

  1. We must create the desire in our employees to continuously improve their standard of work in order to stay ahead of our competitors and create new jobs.
  2. Developing all the company’s activities in order to improve quality and service and eventually reduce costs.
  3. Implementing proper training & educational methods for all jobs in order to improve the performance of the employees and widen their range of information in our field.
  4. Breaking barriers between all departments so that they work as one team in favor of the company.

With our customers and partners in mind, Egress also looks at its quality system as a constant means for developing and upgrading its overall performance.
Our commitment towards our clients and to the fact that they deserve only the highest quality service will ensure our continuous effort to better ourselves.

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