CONNECTA is an Association of Air and Sea freight Specialists that unites the best independent cargo Agents from around the world. We’ve joined forces to compete against the multinational groups, share resources and attract clients. But the best part is that each and every member maintains its independence.


The same people who are launching CONNECTA lead Pangea Logistics Network in the past. Pangea is a prestigious freight forwarders network that is well known in the sector. Our group has more than 600 offices in 100 countries and is a respected freight forwarders association. We have now brought together our experience, knowledge and accumulated contacts during this time to develop a premium network of international freight forwarders that is exclusively aimed at the best independent agencies.

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  • Collaborate with trusted certified agents worldwide
  • Offer clients a “door to door” service
  • Exchange clients with other network members
  • Participate in proposals with other partners
  • Join forces to increase your buying power
  • Professional marketing resources
  • Benefit from state-of-the-art e-freight technology
  • Guarantee representation in major international airports and seaports


We don’t need to tell you how difficult it is for small or medium sized transport companies to compete for clients with the large multinational groups: you know it perfectly well from your everyday experience. However, maybe you’re not aware that there is another way to compete without losing your independence and that gives you all the benefits of a large group without any of the sacrifices. It’s CONNECTA FREIGHT NETWORK, an international network of freight forwarders created especially for companies like yours. Below you can see some of the reasons why you should join Connecta.


CONNECTA is made up of the best independent freight forwarding companies in the world. We’re more interested in quality than the number of members: Why?

Well, we believe a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The companies that form part of the CONNECTA freight forwarding network all have a proven track record, an excellent reputation among clients, proven dynamism and are leaders in their respective regions.


CONNECTA is no ordinary freight forwarders association: it’s a veritable international freight forwarders network for companies that are willing and eager to actively cooperate and join forces with other members.

We promote members to collaborate and we offer all the tools needed for doing so: communications, tracking applications, shipments and payment monitoring, digital resources, etc.


CONNECTA’s approach to networking is new and unique: we have decided to create an exclusive network only for industry certified freight forwarders, including: IATA, CASS, CNS, CATA, FIATA and regional entities.

At CONNECTA, everyone is a VIP member because we restrict our representation to Industry Certified agents with a proved track record on air and sea freight at each location. The reason behind this strict policy is to protect the specialization and professionalism of the members.


We provide you with the tools to promote your business and attract clients without soaring marketing costs. Form part of our digital marketplace exclusive to members.

When negotiating with clients, you will have the full backing and support of a global network of freight forwarders, meaning that in terms of coverage, services, rates and technology you will be fully able to compete with any other multinational group.

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