BATI GROUP (Türkiye) launches new logo and brand identity

After twenty-seven years, your Connecta partners in Türkiye, BATI GROUP have released an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, corporate colours, and font style.

BATI GROUP (Türkiye) logo

BATI GROUP (Türkiye) launches new logo and brand identityThe new look is available in all their public channels, like exhibitions, network meetings, website and social media pages, including You tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, very soon it will also be available from all their printed paperwork and products. The renewed image better matches with the company’s basic values with today’s World.

Since 1992, BATI GROUP has been a key logistics partner to their customers while providing technology based logistics solutions on every continent and establishing as a global logistics company, values that remain at their core.

This is the first time in 27 years that BATI GROUP embraces such a significant update on their image. It has been a challenging process, comprising a deep reflection on their principles and adopting modern design concepts. The final result focuses on the company globality, showing the world surrounded on all four sides. Four sides that represent at the same time, the company’s control on the four major transport modes, and their most principal values: Reliability, Customer focused, Value-added and Innovation.

These all makes BATI people a big team beyond the waves and clouds, as remarked in their emblema.

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BATI GROUP (Türkiye) logo


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