BAXTER FREIGHT’s (UK) expertise and innovation for exceptional freight solutions

BAXTER FREIGHT, your Connecta partner in UK, is revolutionizing the logistics industry with its innovative approach to global logistics, handling a diverse range of cargo, from clothing destined for Australia to playground equipment for the United States, along with complex imports from China and the Far East. BAXTER FREIGHT‘s highly skilled team and strong partnerships allow them to deliver exceptional solutions for their customers.

A standout instance of its operational excellence was demonstrated when BAXTER FREIGHT promptly stepped up to assist a leading aviation industry supplier experiencing delays with another forwarder. BAXTER FREIGHT managed the complex transportation of helicopter blades from London to Tokyo Narita, adeptly navigating compliance checks, time sensitivities, and the oversized dimensions of the cargo. This was made possible through the proactive efforts of the Aviate team and the strategic use of the company’s extensive network, enabling the identification of a carrier capable of accommodating the unique requirements of the shipment and resulting in delivery ahead of the scheduled time in Japan.

This accomplishment not only underscores BAXTER FREIGHT‘s capability in handling out-of-gauge project cargo with precision and diligence but also highlights the company’s dedication to surpassing client expectations. By undertaking specialized projects across the globe, including in the UK, the US, the UAE, and beyond, BAXTER FREIGHT ensures meticulous planning and seamless communication, maintaining a straightforward and hassle-free process for all parties involved.

Operating beyond the conventional scope of a logistics provider, BAXTER FREIGHT strives to add value to its suppliers and their customers by leveraging extensive and cultivating trust-based partnerships. BAXTER FREIGHT‘s daily operations focus on uncovering new opportunities, simplifying the logistics process through in-house customs and operations teams, and affirming its commitment to excellence with every shipment managed.

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