CROSS FREIGHT (Germany) transports 55 Tons of Copper Ingots from Germany to USA

CROSS FREIGHT, your Connecta partner in Germany, was recently commissioned to transport 55 tons of copper ingots in 10 blocks by air from Germany to the United States. The operation was meticulously planned and executed to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the valuable cargo.

Facing initial challenges as the airlines were not prepared to load the blocks loosely, CROSS FREIGHT organized the repackaging suitable for air freight. After successful acceptance by a well-known copper producer in Hamburg, the blocks were stored, and 10 wooden racks were built to facilitate secure loading.

Once the process was complete, the goods were loaded directly at the warehouse and transported to the departure airport in Liège. From there, the cargo was flown to New York and then safely transported by lorry to its destination, a well-known space company.

This operation showcases CROSS FREIGHT‘s adeptness in overcoming logistical challenges and underscores its commitment to delivering tailored solutions globally.

Pls. visit CROSS FREIGHT for more information.

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