Everyone in one place at PanCo

Everyone in one place at PanCoThe PanCo mobile app allows you to network with your Pangea and Connecta partners even when you can’t be at your computer, such as if you are travelling for work, at an event or just away from your desk while waiting for a reply to an important quote or message.

On the app you are able to do many of the things that you can do via your desktop or laptop, with even a wider scope, the platform unifies both Pangea and Connecta partners into a unique environment.

Let’s have an overview of the main sections in the app:


The home tab is essentially the Network newsfeed page. Here you can stay up-to-date on your partners news and be informed of any updates from the network.

Members List

You can scroll through the country list in alphabetical order or you can search for partners by Company name. The country page shows you the members registered for each location and a link to view their profile and key points of contact. Also you will be able to identify if they are recorded under Pangea or Connecta.

Member Profile

Each member profile shows the general corporate information, services, specialties, as well as their member rating and membership start. Most important you have the key points of contact, that can be reachable from your mobile by email, phone or message.


The message center on the PanCo Mobile app is similar to the desktop version and other social media messaging functions that you are familiarized with.

You can see a list of your recent communications, with unread threads highlighted. Easily create a new Message from this section or directly from each contact. Your messages are sent and linked to the desktop version and your email, in case any user is offline.


New Messages or updates are emphasized on each section with a red mark. Tap on the notification to be taken to view it or engage with it.

The PanCo Mobile app is a great way to connect with partners wherever you are at any moment, and helps you to stay on top of your Network activities while you are away from your desk. Please remember that all your team can participate since there is no limit in the number of sub-users you can create.

If you are still not using the app, here are the links to download and install it for iOS and Android:

  • https://apps.apple.com/us/app/panco/id1502442471
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.pangea.panco

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