GLOBAL EXPRESS (Austria) successfully completes dual operations showcasing innovative and problem-solving excellence

In an exemplary demonstration of logistical expertise and innovative problem-solving, GLOBAL EXPRESS, your Connecta partners in Austria, have successfully completed two major oversized shipments requiring specific solutions to the unique challenges presented by both the cargo and the intricacies of the operations.

The first operation consisted of an impressive cross-border shipment between the USA and Mexico via Laredo for an automotive assembly line. This involved the direct transportation of the goods from an Austrian factory to a warehouse in Laredo, Texas, facilitated by a 74F aircraft, and ensuring just-in-time delivery to its final destination in Mexico.

Four valuable cargo pieces, each weighing 7,590 kg for a total weight of 22,770 kg, presented a significant challenge due to their extra-long and extra-tall dimensions. No airline could accept this freight directly into Laredo or Houston. GLOBAL EXPRESS innovative solution involved a 74F nose loader flight to New York, followed by arrangements for a US bond leading to a bonded warehouse in Laredo. From there, the cargo underwent Mexican customs clearance and was transported to Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, within the strict framework of just-in-time delivery.

GLOBAL EXPRESS also excelled in a second oversized operation, transporting freshly painted impact crushers from Bosnia to Asia, requiring special crating and flat rack services. 

Transporting this overwidth cargo, including crushers units Remax 450 (with dimensions: Width: 2985mm, Height: 2300mm, Length: 5336mm) and Remax 400 (with dimensions: Width: 3000mm, Height: 2600mm, Length: 3800mm), required special road transport licenses to Koper Port in Slovenia. GLOBAL EXPRESS used flat rack containers to securely transport the goods to China, ultimately reaching their final destination in Chongqing.

GLOBAL EXPRESS‘ dedication to innovation, problem-solving, and customer satisfaction establishes its position as a reliable and expert logistics partner specializing in complex and time-sensitive challenges.

Pls. visit GLOBAL EXPRESS AUSTRIA website for more information.

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