LEO AIR CARGO (Thailand) delivers All Thailand Young Koi Show 2024 Champion to Kuala Lumpur Airport

In a stunning display of aquatic excellence, the champion titleholder of the All Thailand Young Koi Show 2024 has been successfully delivered to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) by LEO AIR CARGO, your Connecta partner in Thailand. With a value of approximately $10,000 USD, this crowned champion represents not only the peak of aquatic beauty but also the dedication and expertise of breeders in Thailand’s flourishing ornamental fish industry. Captivating onlookers with its majestic presence, adorned with vibrant hues and graceful movements, it arrived in perfect condition.

This arrival marks yet another milestone for LEO AIR CARGO, which has been making waves since early 2024. With a commitment to excellence in live cargo transport, they have successfully delivered around 10,000 kilograms of live tropical fish to destinations around the globe via airfreight. This feat underscores their proficiency in handling delicate cargo, ensuring the safe and secure journey of these precious aquatic treasures.

Pls. visit LEO AIR CARGO for more information.

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