LOGISTURK (Türkiye) handles a Sport Yacht Shipment to South Europe

LOGISTURK, your Connecta partner in Türkiye, has achieved another successful shipment in a remarkable feat of logistics and coordination. This time, it was a Sport Yacht weighing 3800 kg, featuring over-height and over-width dimensions. The shipment originated from Aliaga Port, located at East Mediterranean, Aegean Sea in Türkiye, and was destined to a South European location.

LOGISTURK (Türkiye) handles a Sport Yacht Shipment to South EuropeThe project was undertaken with precision and expertise by the LOGISTURK project team, which seamlessly managed the stuffing and lashing of the Sport Yacht onto a 1×40 Flat Rack container, as well as supervising operations on site.

Pls. visit https://www.logisturkint.com for more information. 

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